Signia Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aid Review



Lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids are increasing in popularity in Australia.  In April 2018, Signia (formally Siemens) will launch its new Lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid: Signia Pure Charge&Go Nx RIC (receiver-in-canal).  The Signia Pure Charge&Go uses Signia’s latest impressive audiological platform: Signia Nx and will be available in three performance levels:

  • 7nx (Premium)
  • 5nx (High-end)
  • 3nx (Mid-range)


Why Lithium-ion Rechargeability?

There are several advantages of lithium-ion hearing aids:

  • Ease of management and convenience – the wearer never needs to change fiddly zinc-air batteries. The hearing aids are designed so that they are charged every night, so they deliver a full day’s hearing.
  • Reliability and robustness – Doing away with disposable zinc-air batteries means there is no need for a battery door that opens and closes. This means the housing is designed with less gaps improving the hearing aid’s water resistance and general reliability.

Signia is very experienced in the rechargeable space producing rechargeable nickel-metal-hydride hearing aids for well over a decade.  However, the Signia Pure Charge&Go RIC will be Signia’s second generation lithium-ion hearing aid replacing the popular Cellion primax RIC released in 2016 (see review of this model here)

Pure Charge&Go uses an inductive rechargeable system doing away with the need for battery contacts on the hearing aid’s housing.  By using an inductive charging system, the Pure Charge&Go is designed to be extremely easy to use as there is no need to plug it in to be charged.  When the hearing aids are placed in the charger cradle they turn off automatically and when removed, they turn on automatically (no need to fiddle with the controls).  The inductive system also means the hearing aid can be designed as one piece with less openings reducing the risk of moisture or dust/dirt entering the hearing aid.  In fact, the Pure Charge&Go has been certified as achieving an ingress-protection rating (IP) of 68.

The Signia Pure Charge&Go battery takes 3 hours to charge and delivers 19 hours of use.  Signia advises that this time is reduced slightly if the wearer does a lot of wireless audio streaming (e.g. listening to music or taking phone calls).  Signia indicates that wearers can expect 17 hours of use if wearers audio stream for 5 hours.

Pure Charge&Go is considerably smaller than its predecessor Cellion, In the past many wearers were disappointed in the size of lithium-ion hearing aid models as they were comparable in size to traditional 13 size battery models.  The new Pure Charge&Go is considerably smaller and comparable in size to traditional 312 battery models.



Audiological Performance

Pure Charge&Go uses Signia’s latest audiological chip platform: Signia Nx.  In our opinion this one of the most advanced hearing aid platforms on the market delivering superb sound quality and speech clarity even in challenging situations.  More information about the Signia Nx audiological platform can be found here.

One of the standard out technologies is Signia’s Ultra HD e2e wireless system.  This technology is used to connect the two hearing aids when worn together ensuring the hearing aids act as a binaural “system” rather than independently.  The advantage of this “system” is that each hearing aid processes sound not only from the two microphones on its own hearing aid, but also from the two microphones on the other hearing aid.  This binaural processing technology forms the basis of some very powerful audiological features:

  • Narrow directionality – for improved hearing in background noise (Signia has shown that this can out-perform normal hearing in challenging situations with a lot of background noise*)
  • Own Voice Processing – a unique feature that improves the perception of the wearer’s own voice but independently processing the wearer’s own voice from all other sound in the environment.
  • 3D classification – the hearing aids are able to determine the type of environment the wearer is in and optimally adapt their performance.


Wireless Audio-Streaming

The Pure Charge&Go also features direct wireless audio streaming technology.  Wearers with Apple (Made for iPhone) devices can audiostream phone calls, music or any other audio input directly into their hearing aids.  Effectively their hearing aids become wireless headsets.  Signia offers a device called StreamLine mic that will enable wearers to wireless stream audio from other non-Apple Bluetooth devices.  The StreamLine mic can also be used as a remote microphone.  Wearers can give the Streamline mic to the person they want to hear (e.g. lecturer) and their voice will be wirelessly streamed into their hearing aids at a distance of up to 20 metres.


Our Conclusion

At Sounds of Life we are very excited about the Signia Charge & Go.  We believe the lithium-ion technology will improve the wearer’s experience by offering a hassle-free and convenient way of managing their hearing aids.  We have fitted many of the non-rechargeable Signia Nx hearing aids and feedback from our clients has been excellent.  Certainly for active wearers that are regularly in challenging situations with background noise, they benefit significantly from the advanced noise reduction technology in the Signia Nx platform.  Wearers also appreciate the direct audio streaming capabilities for phone use.


Sounds of Life offers the Pure Charge&Go hearing aids at Brisbane’s lowest prices:

Signia (Siemens)

  • Premium: Pure Charge&Go 7Nx RIC – $3890 (+ $299 for the charger)
  • High-end: Pure Charge&Go 5Nx – $2990 (+ $299 for the charger)
  • Mid-range: Pure Charge&Go 3Nx – RIC – $2200 (+ $299 for the charger)

Special Launch offer – For the month of April, Sounds of Life is offering the charger free-of-charge for all binaural purchases of Pure Charge & Go.




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