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Hearing Aid Pricing and Funding in Australia

There are no arguments about it, good hearing aids are not cheap.  Hearing aids are a significant investment.  However, this investment can be life-changing!  

In Australia, the average retail price for a single hearing aid, ranges from around $1000 for a basic model to $6000 for a premium model.  As most people require two hearing aids, the cost for two hearing aids (binaural fitting) will be twice these amounts.

The main difference between premium hearing aids and lower level hearing aids, is technology.  Premium hearing aids feature more advanced sound processing technology to more effectively address challenging situations (e.g. restaurants with background noise) as well more advanced technology to improve convenience and ease of use (e.g. wireless streaming of audio from mobile phones).

There can be high variability in pricing between clinics with some hearing aid clinics selling the same hearing aid at prices almost double other clinics.  It is therefore important to shop around.

Additional things to consider when purchasing hearing aids:

Two versus One

We have two ears for a reason, for most people two hearing aids (binaural hearing) provides significantly more benefits than one hearing aid (monaural hearing).

Manufacturer Warranty

Hearing aids need to work flawlessly 24/7 for many years. Look for a warranty of at least 3-years (good indication of robustness and reliability).

Service and Support

In addition to the initial fitting it is likely you will need regular ongoing support (e.g. hearing aid fine-tuning). Make sure you know the levels and cost of ongoing support.

Funding of Hearing Aids in Australia

If you are purchasing hearing aids you may be eligible for subsidies:

If you are a pensioner concession card holder or a Department of Veteran Affairs gold card holder (or white card holder issued for hearing loss), you may be eligible for fully-subsidised and partially subsidised hearing aids through the Office of Hearing Services.  To find out more click here.

Most private health insurers do have some allowance for hearing aids through their Extras or ancillary cover.  To find out what is offered by the various health funds please download a summary here.

You may be able to claim the net medical expenses tax offset as hearing aids qualify as medical devices.  When it comes to taxation matters it is always wise to speak to the ATO directly or to your accountant.

How much are Sounds of Life’s hearing aids?

At Sounds of Life we aim to offer affordable, quality hearing.

We believe good hearing is a necessity not a luxury.  We are proud to offer the latest hearing aid technology at Australia’s most affordable prices. We offer hearing aids priced from only $900 including a range of fully-subsidised (no gap) options for eligible Office of Hearing Services clients.

Best Price & Care​

At Sounds of Life Audiology we provide quality hearing aids at affordable prices.

Platinum After Care Package

If you purchase and are fitted with hearing aid(s) from Sounds of Life, you receive free-of-charge our 3-year Platinum After Care Package which includes a 36 month product warranty and free annual hearing aid adjustment.

Affordable Hearing Aid Pricing combined with Gold Standard Audiological Care

At Sounds of Life we aim to offer our clients affordable hearing aid pricing combined with the gold standard in audiological care. We supply the very latest hearing aid technology (including invisible hearing aid solutions) from all major brands.

We prescribe and fit the very latest hearing aid technology, including invisible hearing aid solutions from all major brands.  Select a brand below to see our current price list.