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Hearing Care for Pensioners & Veterans

Small solution for natural sound with direct streaming.

Now FREE for eligible pensioners.

Todays hearing aids are loaded with the latest advanced hearing technology including Bluetooth. Available free-of-charge for eligible pensioners* at Sounds of Life Audiology through the Australian Government’s Office of Hearing Services Program.

Hearing Benefits for Pensioners & Veterans

Superb speech clarity & sound quality

Discreet & stylish, hidden behind the ear

Direct streaming of phone calls & music

Smartphone control

1. Register your interest for Free comprehensive hearing assessment and aid trial experience by completing the form below.

2. Visit one of our 4 hearing clinics across Brisbane and let our university trained Audiologists take care of you.

3. Through the Australian Government’s hearing services program, eligible pensioners* receive FREE hearing aids.

4. Regain your hearing and enjoy all the sounds you have been missing!

Call 1300 744 432 or register below for a FREE hearing aid trial experience at any of the 4 Sounds of Life hearing clinics in Clayfield, Toowong, Fortitude Valley and Caboolture.

Australian pensioners and Veterans are eligible for free hearing services through the Commonwealth governments’ Hearing Services Program.

Navigating the hearing services system can be daunting, but at Sounds of Life, we will support you every step of the way to ensure you receive the funding support you are entitled to and can begin your journey to better hearing without delay. You can also check your eligibility here on the Hearing Services program website.

If you are eligible for the governments Hearing Services Program, then you will receive a comprehensive hearing assessment at no cost to you so you can understand your hearing loss and all the options available to address it. The program currently funds a full hearing assessment once every 5 years, with annual checkups in between.

If hearing aids are the right solution for you, you can choose to access fully funded hearing devices from the government approved range, which provide for most peoples hearing needs.

If you are someone who has an active lifestyle, spends time in groups or social situations, and requires superior performance from your hearing devices, you can also use your government subsidy towards more sophisticated devices, and simply pay the difference in cost – known as a ‘Top Up’ fee. This opens a broader range of devices and technologies that our expert Audiologists can help you understand the benefits of for your individual hearing needs. At Sounds of Life, we specialise in the provision of the right technology to suit the needs, lifestyle and budget for all pensioners and Veterans.

Once you are fitted with hearing devices through the government Hearing Services Program, you can opt into a subsidised annual maintenance program which will support the optimal working of your devices, including battery supply, for a small annual fee. For Veterans, this annual maintenance fee is waived, so there is no cost to you to participate in the annual maintenance program.

Because our clinic is independently owned and operated, there is no limit to the range of global hearing aid manufacturers we can work with, so you can be confident that you will be offered the best products to suit your needs and make the best use of your government funding.

Contact Sounds of Life today to understand your eligibility for free hearing services and hearing aid technology options.