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About Hearing Aids & Fittings

Hearing aids help by making speech louder & clearer & can help you reconnect with your loved ones and improve your quality of life.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Your hearing aids will be programmed to achieve optimal speech clarity and to ensure both physical and acoustic comfort.

The hearing aid fitting and verification process will take approximately 60 minutes and include:

  • Checking their physical fit to ensure a comfortable wearing experience.
  • Initial programming to your prescription based on your hearing assessment.
  • Real-ear measurements and speech testing to verify/validate the fitting.
  • Additional fine-tuning to match your personal listening preferences
  • Demonstration on how to use and manage your new hearing aids.

Studies show that people who wear hearing aids:

Maintain better relationships

Experience more independence & security

THE EARLIER you are fitted with hearing aids the better the outcomes. Hearing well is being well.

Hearing aids help to maintain the brain’s neural pathways responsible for hearing the sounds around you. Hearing aids prevent auditory deprivation.

THE LONGER YOU DELAY getting hearing aids, THE HARDER IT WILL BE for you to become accustomed to them, and more importantly, you will continue to miss the sounds of life.

What Hearing Aids Can Do For You

Once you decide to take action to get hearing aids, you are on your way to improving your quality of life.