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Hearing Aid Trial Experience

Take advantage of Sounds of Life Audiology’s FREE Hearing Aid Trial Experience.
Be sure that the hearing aids you select are the right ones for you!

How does Sounds of Life’s FREE hearing aid trial experience work?

Step 1

Comprehensive hearing and needs assessment

Sounds of Life will assess your hearing and work with you to understand your personal requirements in order to select hearing suited to you.

Step 2

Recommendation of a range of hearing aid models

Sounds of Life will then recommend several hearing aid models from different brands that are expected to meet your hearing and lifestyle needs.

Step 3

Free trial of different
hearing aid models

Sounds of Life will then give you the opportunity to take these different hearing aid models home for a “real’ world” trial for a period of time.

Sounds of Life Audiology is a trusted hearing care clinic offering the opportunity to personally trial and extensively experience the benefits of hearing aids in your own home and day to day listening environments (not just in the Audiology clinic).  These extended trials allow our clients to experience different levels of hearing technology across a number of brands at various price points. We offer every opportunity to ensure the best solution for you.

We want to ensure that you take every advantage of the hearing aid trial experience, so that you wear your hearing aids to improve your communication and relationships – that they don’t end up sitting in a draw!

Studies show that people who wear hearing aids:

Maintain better relationships

Experience more independence & security

Call today and arrange your personalised free hearing aid trial experience.