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Hearing Aid Trial Service

Hearing Aid Trial Service

Take advantage of Sounds of Life’s FREE hearing aid trial service

Don’t be stuck with hearing aids

that do not meet all your needs!

How does Sounds of Life’s FREE hearing aid trial service work?

Step 1 - Comprehensive hearing and needs assessment

Sounds of Life will assess your hearing and work with you to understand your personal requirements in order to select hearing suited to you.

Step 2 - Recommendation of a range of hearing aid models

Sounds of Life will then recommend several hearing aid models from different brands that are expected to meet your hearing and lifestyle needs.

Step 3 - Free trial of different hearing aid models

Sounds of Life will then give you the opportunity to take these different hearing aid models home for a “real’ world” trial for a period of time.

At Sounds of Life you only pay for the hearing aids when you are 100% satisfied they meet your expectations and requirements.

This “trial before buy” approach gives you the opportunity to trial hearing aids in your real world (not just in the clinic), and to experience the benefits of different features and functionality available across a range of hearing aid models.

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Operating across SE QLD, Sounds of Life has clinics in Clayfield, Toowong, Fortitude Valley and Caboolture.  Ph 1300 744 432

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Why Are Hearing Aid Trials Important?

Before making the important decision to purchase hearing aids, it is critical that wearers are confident that they can successfully wear hearing aids, and that the hearing aids are meeting all their hearing needs.


Real World Use

Trials provide wearers the opportunity to experience the true benefit of hearing aids in their real world (not in the sterile clinic which is normally very quiet).  Wearers can test all the features and functionality of their hearing aids to ensure the hearing aids are successful in improving their hearing challenges.




Trials provide wearers the opportunity to acclimatise to their hearing aids to ensure that the sound quality is optimal, and the hearing aids can be worn comfortably without irritation.  For most people, their hearing has declined gradually over many years, so the initial experience of hearing aids can be a little surprising, so a period of regular use is required to achieve a level of acclimatisation to sound amplification.


“Tracy was very keen to see me succeed with these new aids and spent quite a long time with me fine tuning everything to my needs. Tracy follows up with me on a regular basis to ensure everything is still going smoothly. My hearing response has improved markedly.”

K Murray