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Hear About the Experiences of Others

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have discovered an audiologist as ethical, caring and helpful as Tracey. This is so valuable in an industry which needs more regulation, and where some providers are only interested in recommending hearing aids based not on what is in fact your best hearing solution, but on their own financial interest in selling a particular brand. Tracey sells every brand of hearing aid at extremely competitive prices. I trialed three different hearing aids and ear moulds before settling on the right one. This involved several consultations (including Tracey doing a home visit when I was ill!) during which Tracey displayed enormous patience, diligence and care. I now have an audiologist for the long term whom I trust implicitly. Do yourself a favour and do the same!

F Burke

I would like to take the opportunity to express my appreciation of the work being done by Ms. Tracy Ong. It is rare and unusual to meet up with a professional health-care giver of her honesty, integrity and high level of competence.
I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with other so-called professionals in the audiology industry and have found to my chagrin that the challenge of meeting high professional standards while chasing dollars is too much for the majority of them.
I therefore approached Sounds of Life in trepidation but found to my immense relief and surprise that Tracy represented the best of what could be expected in the industry.
I have been fortunate in making my discovery of Tracy, and I take every opportunity I can to inform others of the compassioned professionalism, decency and integrity that she provides as Sounds of Life.

E J Barrass

[my hearing aids have] unequivocally improved the quality of my personal and professional working life … Moreover, I find comfort in knowing that the service offered by Sounds of Life is ongoing if and when further assistance is required in the future.

M Robinson

Tracy was very keen to see me succeed with these new aids and spent quite a long time with me fine tuning everything to my needs. Tracy follows up with me on a regular basis to ensure everything is still going smoothly. My hearing response has improved markedly.

K Murray

Tracy Ong’s Sounds of Life provided the combination of providing leading brands of hearing aids, with empathetic and unhurried assessment of my problem. Tracy allows her client to be a partner in the solution of the problems and gently helps the client develop the new skills necessary to gain the full benefit the hearing aids provide.

Les T

The Audiologist you should see before you sign up anywhere else …Tracy has been so helpful and shares her knowledge wonderfully and explains how aids work and the differences between them.

C Stanton-Cook

From my personal experience there are insufficient superlatives for my estimation of Tracy’s diligent and professional approach to her personable and highly ethical treatment of each individual client. Her product knowledge supports her patient approach in advising clients in a manner which puts them immediately at ease and allows the consequent trust to evolve. This in turn provides a client complete faith in Tracy’s guidance in making appropriate judgements on the correct selection from available products.

E Mazurkiewicz

I found Sounds of Life due to not being satisfied with my previous supplier. I felt I was being ripped off and started looking across the internet to see what was available. I have only been with Sounds of Life for a short time now, but have found they go above and beyond what my previous supplier did and not by a little. I have had hearing issues all my life and have now found a business who truly puts the customer first. Thank you for your time and caring, looking forward to being a long time customer.

D Fahy

Fantastic, prompt and professional service and very accommodating. Highly recommended to those needing audiology services in Brisbane.

A C Gordon

“I procrastinated getting hearing aids for a long time. Thank you Tracy for your time and patience. Now I love my hearing aids. No one knows I am wearing them and I can hear again.

C Laughlin