Will Hearing Aids Help My Tinnitus (Ringing In The Ears)?

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Will hearing aids help my tinnitus (ringing in the ears)?

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“Can you hear that ringing?”

                “What ringing?”



You’re not imagining things and you are definitely not alone!  Up to 20% of Australians experience tinnitus, a sensation of internal noise when no external sound is present.  It is most often described as a ringing, humming, buzzing or whistling.  While tinnitus is not a disorder itself, it is an indication of something amiss in the hearing system – somewhere between the ears and brain something is not right.

For most people, tinnitus does not greatly affect their lives in any physical way, but can have extensive psychological effects.  Annoyance or irritation at constant noise can increase stress levels, trouble falling asleep from intrusive noise can lead to sleep disturbances and the noise can be a distraction from tasks, especially where it is a new phenomenon.

When tinnitus is a new symptom, it’s a good idea to be assessed by a qualified independent audiologist to rule out any significant medical causes.  Sometimes it will be temporary – such as a build-up of wax or following exposure to extremely loud noises (concerts are a common culprit!) – but sometimes it will be permanent or associated with another medical condition, such as Meniere’s disease.

If the tinnitus is likely to be permanent, the focus will be on managing the condition, rather than any specific treatment.  Your audiologist may advise you to avoid excessive noise, cease certain medications (only under medical supervision, of course) or stimulants (coffee can worsen tinnitus in some people), or practice stress management techniques that focus on diverting attention away from the tinnitus.

Where simple management techniques are not enough, you may need more assistance.  One way is through the use of hearing aids that have a special program designed to mask or balance the internal sounds you perceive.  A properly fine-tuned hearing aid will reduce the strain of trying to listen over the sound of internal ringing and can amplify external sounds that compete with the internal noise.

While tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss, this is not always the case.  An experienced audiologist will be able to assess your hearing and discuss the impact that tinnitus is having in your life.  A simple hearing aid can make a tremendous difference in reducing the negative impact of tinnitus, regardless of whether you have any hearing loss at all.


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Signia Pure 13 BT – Sounds of Life Reviews Signia’s First Direct Audio-Streaming hearing aid

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Sounds of Life Reviews The Signia Pure 13 BT


signia pure 13 btThis month Signia (formally known as Siemens) launched its first direct audio-streaming hearing aid called the Pure 13 BT (Bluetooth).

The Pure 13 BT is a discreet receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid.  It uses Signia’s current audio-processing platform “primax” but with enhanced new “Made for iPhone” capabilities including direct audio-streaming, as well as new technology Signia calls “The Connected Ear”.


“The Connected Ear” consists of three connectivity systems: (1) direct streaming – connectivity to Apple iPhones/iPads (2) e2e wireless – connectivity between the hearing aids and (3) telecare – connectivity to the internet.  Signia claims wearers are fully connected to their environment, each other, their iPhone and their hearing care professional.  “The Connected Ear” system works together to enhance not only phone connectivity, but also audiological performance and remote support.





This technology offers connectivity to iPhones/iPads so users can steam audio (e.g. phone calls or music) directly from their iPhone/iPad directly into their hearing aids  (without an intermediary device).  In addition, wearers can optionally purchase a television transmitter called Streamline TV to also directly stream audio (in Dolby digital quality) from their television directly into their hearing aids.  Wearers have full control over their hearing aids using the free myControl app.

Historically direct streaming technology required a lot of battery power and as a result significantly impacted battery life.  Signia claims that their energy-efficient system is the benchmark in the industry and even heavy users can expect at least seven days from a battery.

In addition, to direct streaming, the new Pure also features both improved audiological performance as well as enhanced remote support via the internet.  Audiological performance is improved by the use of the iPhone’s motion sensors to more accurately classify the environment that the user is wearing their hearing aids in.  Advanced hearing aids automatically turn on and off features depending on the type of environment the wearer is in.  For example, in challenging, noisy situations, the hearing aid may turn on their directional microphones.

Finally the Pure 13 BT  features Signia’s new tele-audiology support tool – Telecare 2.0.  Using the free myHearing App, wearers can provide direct feedback to their hearing care professional about how they are progressing with their hearing aids.  The professional can via an internet portal, connect to the hearing aids in real-time to get an understanding on how they are performing and if necessary provide remote fine-tuning to improve their performance.


Sounds of Life’s Signia Pure 13 BT pricing

The Signia Pure 13 BT is a fantastic hearing aid solution for clients who want a premium hearing aid which performs well in challenging/demanding situations.  To really get the most out of the hearing aid it is important that potential wearers have an iPhone (or thinking of purchasing an iPhone) so they can benefit from the ease and convenience of direct audio-streaming as well as benefit from the improved audiological performance.  Currently the Pure 13 BT is available at three performance levels: Premium 7px,  High-end 5px and Mid-range 3px.  As an introductory special, Sounds of Life is offering the Pure 13 BT at the following prices:

Premium- Pure 13 BT 7 primax RIC $3890

High-End- Pure 13 BT 5 primax RIC $2990

Mid-Range- Pure 13 BT 3 primax RIC $2150

Fitting and follow-up consultation fees apply: Binaural $380/Monaural $280

The product come standard with a three-year warranty and 3-year free care package from Sounds of Life.

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    Sounds of Life Audiology is a leading, independent hearing aid specialist.  We offer transparent and affordable hearing aid pricing on quality hearing aids (including virtually invisible hearing aid technology) from the world’s leading brands.