Art and Science of Earwax Removal


Earwax, scientifically known as cerumen, is a natural substance produced by the glands in the ear canal.  It serves a protective role in preventing dust, debris, and bacteria from entering the ear.  In normal circumstances, the ear’s natural mechanisms, such as jaw movement and the migration of skin cells, facilitate the self-cleaning of earwax from the ear canal.  However, occasionally there can be excessive earwax build-up that can lead to discomfort, temporary hearing impairment, and for hearing aid wearers, diminished hearing aid performance.

There are various methods employed by audiologists and medical professionals for wax removal. These methods include:

  1. Ear Irrigation: A syringe to introduce a gentle flow of warm water into the ear canal, flushing out the wax.
  2. Manual Removal: Specialised tools, such as curettes or forceps, are used to manually extract the wax. This method requires skill and precision to avoid injury to the delicate structures of the ear.
  3. Ear Drops: Over-the-counter ear drops or drops prescribed by a healthcare provider can soften the wax, making it easier to naturally exit the ear canal.
  4. Microsuction: This technique involves using a suction device (or vacuum) to remove the wax without direct contact, providing a safe and efficient option.

At Sounds of Life our preferred earwax removal procedure is MicrosuctionSounds of Life offers Microsuction Earwax removal appointments for $70.

Microsuction is considered one of the safest methods for removing even stubborn earwax.  Unlike other methods that involve inserting objects deep into the ear canal, Microsuction uses a gentle suction process that minimises the risk of injury to the delicate ear structures.  Compared to other methods like ear irrigation, it is a minimally invasive procedure. It does not involve the use of water or heat, making it suitable for individuals with ear infections, perforated eardrums, or those who have undergone recent ear surgeries.

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