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Sound of Life Hearing Clinics in Brisbane & Caboolture Offers Sound Hearing Value


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Sounds of Life Audiology is committed to offering clients great value for money; high quality hearing aids at affordable prices.

Discounted hearing aid pricing – Our pricing is on average is 30-40% lower than our major competitors.  In addition to our “Best price guarantee” we offer full pricing transparency with all our pricing freely available on our website.

Owned and operated by Masters-qualified experienced audiologists – When you see one of our audiologists you can be confident you will receive the highest levels of hearing care.  We strongly believe in case continuity to ensure you can develop a strong and productive relationship with your audiologist.

Fully independent – We have access to hearing aids from all major manufacturers.  This means we can pick the “best of the best” technology to meet your individual needs.

Quality ongoing care – If you purchase a mid-range, high-end or premium performance-level hearing aid(s) from Sounds of Life, you receive “free-of-charge, our “Platinum after-care package” which includes ä 3-year manufacturer warranty and free annual service.

At Sounds of Life we believe in providing all the information necessary for our clients to make informed decisions about their hearing health.