Looking After Hearing Aids


Looking After Hearing Aids

Hearing aids looking after hearing aidsare very special devices that can truly transform your life.  They are an investment and will serve you best when you take the time to care for them properly.

When you are fitted with hearing aids, you will likely receive a maintenance kit – this kit may include spare batteries, cleaning tools (e.g magnetic wand & brush), spare domes (n/a custom ITE styles), and a protective case.  In addition, you will receive a userguide which outlines how to look after your hearing aids.  Make sure your audiologist demonstrates to you how to properly care for your hearing aids.


There are certain tasks that you should perform regularly to ensure your hearing aids are working properly.

Cleaning: Your hearing aids should be kept as clean and dry as possible.  Wipe them over with a soft cloth and use the supplied brush to remove any wax or debris from the device (particularly around the sound port where the sound exits the hearing aids).  With behind-the-ear models (n/a RIC and custom ITE), the ear moulds may be removed and cleaned separately in warm soapy water before being thoroughly dried in a forced air blower (hair dryers are too hot and blow too hard).  Ensure they are completely dry before reattaching to the hearing aid unit.  Avoid using harsh cleaning solutions or submerging your hearing aids in liquid.

Batteries:  On average, hearing aid batteries will last about 1-2 weeks, although this will depend on battery size, hearing aid style and how often you use your device. Batteries should be changed as required – some people who wear two hearing aids may prefer to change both batteries at the same time, whilst others prefer to change each battery individually as needed.  Ensure batteries are the correct size and are placed into the device the right way up – do not force them.  Keep batteries stored in a cool, dry place and keep away from children – button batteries are extremely dangerous to small children if ingested.

Storage:  Prophow to look after hearing aidser storage will prolong the life of your hearing aids. When not in use, store the hearing aids in the protective case supplied leaving the battery compartment open.  If you are very active or live in a humid area, it may be worth investing in an electronic drying and cleaning system.  These systems electronically air dry the hearing aids and irradiate them using UV-C light reducing the accumulation of germs.  The Phonak D Dry system (pictured) is available to purchase from Sounds of Life for $150.

Listening checks:  Pay attention to how your hearing aids are performing.  If the sound is scratchy or weak, rather than strong and clear, you should insert and fresh battery and give them a quick clean ensuring there is no wax or debris blocking the sound port. If this does not solve the problem then it would be worthwhile contacting your audiologist for advice.



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