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Take advantage of Sounds of Life’s FREE hearing aid trial service.  Don’t be stuck with hearing aids that don’t meet your needs!


There are no arguments about it, good hearing aids are not cheap.  Hearing aids are a significant investment.  However, this investment can be life-changing!

How do you ensure your hearing aid investment works for you, so you are not stuck with hearing aids that don’t meet all your needs? 

subsidised hearing aids pensioners

At Sounds of Life we offer our clients the opportunity to trial for free, a range of recommended hearing aids.  This “trial before buy” approach gives you the opportunity to not only trial hearing aids in your real world (not just in the clinic), but also to experience the benefits of different features and functionality available across a range of hearing aid models.

During your first appointment, Sounds of Life will comprehensively assess your hearing and work with you to understand your personal needs and preferences.  Sounds of Life will then recommend several hearing aid models that meet your requirements.  You will then have the opportunity to trial these different hearing aid models for a period for free, so you can determine which model best matches your unique needs and lifestyle.

At Sounds of Life you only pay for the hearing aids when you are 100% satisfied that are meeting your expectations and requirements.

Why are hearing aid trials important?

Before making the important decision to purchase hearing aids, it is critical that wearers are confident that they can successfully wear hearing aids, and that the hearing aids are meeting all their hearing needs.

prices of new hearing aids

  1. Trials provide wearers the opportunity to experience the true benefit of hearing aids in their real world (not in the sterile clinic which is normally very quiet). Wearers can test all the features and functionality of their hearing aids to ensure the hearing aids are successful in improving their hearing challenges.
  1. Trials provide wearers the opportunity to acclimatise to their hearing aids to ensure that the sound quality is optimal, and the hearing aids can be worn comfortably without irritation.  For most people, their hearing has declined gradually over many years, so the initial experience of hearing aids can be a little surprising, so a period of regular use is required to achieve a level of acclimatisation to sound amplification.





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    Fully-Subsidised Hearing Aids For Pensioners



    Do you know eligible pensioners can access fully-subsidised hearing aids


    pensioners hearing aids brisbaneDid you know that if you are an Australian pensioner and have a hearing loss, you may be eligible for fully-subsidised (no gap) hearing aids under the Commonwealth Hearing Services program?

    Eligible pensioners receive

    FREE hearing assessments

    FREE hearing rehabilitation

    FREE digital hearing aids, or SUBSIDISED advanced digital hearing aids

     Are you eligible?  Ring Sounds of Life on  1300 744 432


    Sounds of Life Special for Pensioners!

    Sounds of Life is offering the very latest Signia digital hearing aids free-of-charge (fully-subsidised) for eligible pensioners.

    Recently released, the new Signia 1 primax is loaded with the latest advanced hearing aid technology and is available free-of-charge for eligible pensioners through the Australian Government’s Office of Hearing Services Program.

    The Signia 1 primax RIC uses breakthrough technology that is able to focus in and single out the person’s voice you are trying to listen to while reducing unwanted voices and background noise. It is invisible to the eyes when worn and has a comfortable fit – you’ll forget you’re even wearing hearing aids.

    Normally only available as a partially-subsidised (top-up) hearing aid, Sounds of Life is offering the Signia Pure 1 primax FREE (fully-subsidised with no gap) for eligible pensioners

    To find out more ring Sounds of Life on  1300 744 432


    The Sounds of Life Difference

    subsidised hearing aids pensioners

    Sounds of Life is a leading independent hearing care provider with four locations across South-East Queensland (Toowong, Caboolture, Clayfield and Fortitude Valley).

    We are accredited to provide hearing aids under the Commonwealth Hearing Services program.  We offer our clients:

    • Access to all leading government-funded hearing aid technologies across all brands
    • The ability to trial both fully-subsidised (free) as well as partially subsidised (top-up) hearing aids
    • Highly personalised service where you will see the same audiologist for every appointment

    Being independent means Sounds of life has access to the best technology, no matter the brand.   We are therefore able to offer you the best available hearing solution for your individual preferences and circumstances.  If your priority is for your hearing aid to be discreet and unobtrusive we have virtually invisible hearing aid options.  If your priority is ensuring you achieve the best possible hearing in challenging situations (e.g. when you are out and about) we have hearing aids with latest directional microphone technology.

    Sounds of Life Audiology is a leading, independent hearing aid specialist with clinics in Brisbane and now in Caboolture.  We offer affordable hearing aid pricing on quality hearing aids (including virtually invisible hearing aid technology) from the world’s leading brands including Siemens, Signia, Phonak, Starkey, Unitron, Resound, Bernafon, Oticon and Sonic Innovations.

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