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The Cost of Hearing Aids in Australia: Exploring the factors behind their expense.


Hearing aids have proven to be life-changing devices for millions of Australians with hearing loss, helping them regain their ability to communicate and participate in daily activities. However, one significant barrier to accessing this technology is their cost. Hearing aids are often considered expensive, and this article aims to delve into the reasons behind their high price tags.

I. Technological Advancements

One of the primary factors contributing to the high cost of hearing aids is the continuous advancement in technology. Modern hearing aids are equipped with sophisticated features such as digital signal processing, adaptive noise reduction, and Bluetooth connectivity. These innovations improve sound quality and the user experience but also require extensive research and development, driving up manufacturing costs.

II. Customisation and Precision

Hearing aids are not one-size-fits-all devices. Each individual’s hearing loss is unique, necessitating customisation. Audiologists perform detailed assessments and measurements to tailor the hearing aids to the wearer’s specific needs. This level of precision in design and programming adds to the overall cost.

III. Quality of Components

To provide the best possible sound quality and durability, hearing aids are constructed using high-quality components. This includes advanced microphones, speakers, and processors. These components must meet strict quality standards, ensuring the hearing aid’s reliability and longevity.

IV. Regulatory Compliance

Hearing aids are medical devices regulated by government agencies like the Australian TGA. As a class IIa medical device, hearing aids are required to comply with rigorous regulatory requirements adding to the cost of development, testing, and certification, all of which are essential to guarantee safety and effectiveness.

V. Research and Development

The hearing aid industry invests heavily in research and development to improve device performance and user satisfaction. Developing new features, algorithms, and materials requires substantial financial resources, which are eventually reflected in the cost of the final product.

VI. Limited Market Competition

The Australian hearing aid market is dominated by a few major manufacturers. In fact it is estimated that over 98% of hearing aids supplied in Australia are manufactured by five companies (Demand, Sonova, GN, WS Audiology and Starkey). Limited competition can lead to higher prices, as there are fewer incentives to reduce costs to remain competitive.

VII. Professional Services

The cost of hearing aids often includes professional services such as hearing assessments, fittings, and ongoing follow-up appointments with audiologists. These services are crucial for ensuring the hearing aids work optimally for the wearer but add to the overall expense.

VIII. Lack of Insurance Coverage

Many health insurance plans do not cover hearing aids, leaving individuals to bear the full cost. This lack of coverage can further amplify the perception of hearing aids as expensive.

IX. Limited Economies of Scale

Compared to other consumer electronics, hearing aids are produced in relatively small quantities, limiting the economies of scale that could potentially reduce costs.

At Sounds of Life Audiology we are a leading, independent hearing aid specialist.  We aim to offer transparent and affordable hearing aid pricing across all brands of hearing aids.  While hearing aids are indeed expensive, it is essential to recognise the invaluable impact hearing aids have on the lives of those with hearing loss.  We work with our clients to find the most appropriate technology for their needs within their budget.

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    About Sounds of Life

    Sounds of Life Audiology is a leading, independent hearing aid specialist.  We offer transparent and affordable hearing aid pricing on quality hearing aids (including virtually invisible hearing aid technology) from the world’s leading brands.

    Hearing aid pricing Australia




    What is the price of hearing aids in Australia?


    In Australia, the average retail price for a single hearing aid, ranges from around $1000 for a basic model to $6000 for a premium model.  As most people require two hearing aids, the cost for two hearing aids (binaural fitting) will be twice these amounts.

    An individual’s out of pocket costs may be reduced if they have private health cover.  In addition, if they are a pensioner or veteran they may be eligible for either fully-subsidised hearing aids or partially subsidised hearing aids through the Commonwealth Hearing Services Program.   More information (including eligibility) about this program is available at

    The main difference between premium hearing aids and lower level “basic” hearing aids, is technology rather than size.  Premium hearing aids feature more advanced sound processing technology to more effectively address challenging situations (e.g. restaurants with background noise) as well more advanced technology to improve convenience and ease of use (e.g. wireless streaming of audio from mobile phones).

    There can be high variability in pricing between clinics with some hearing aid clinics selling the same hearing aid at prices almost double other clinics.  It is therefore important to shop around.


    What is the price of hearing aids from Sounds of Life? Massive-Savings-on-hearing-aids

    At Sounds of Life we are focused on providing our clients with the highest quality, personalised hearing care at an affordable price.  We believe good hearing is a necessity and should not be a luxury only for the lucky few.

    At Sounds of Life we aim to provide the most affordable brand-name hearing aids in Brisbane.  It is not uncommon for our pricing to be 40% cheaper than our competitors.  Sounds of Life’s pricing can be easily located on our website:


    Being independent we provide all major brands of hearing aids, but as a guide our price range for the different levels of technology is summarised below:

    Premium $3250 – $3990* (diamond level)

    High-end $2400- $3190* (platinum level)

    Mid-range $1650- $2390* (gold level)

    Essential $from $990* (silver level)


    In addition to offering affordable hearing aid pricing, Sounds of life prides itself on being independent and providing transparency for our clients. 


    As an independent hearing aid provider (not owned by a manufacturer), Sounds of Life supports all major hearing aid brands in Australia.  These include Sonova (Phonak, Unitron), Widex, William Demant (Oticon, Bernafon), Sivantos (Signia, Siemens), Starkey and Resound.  Being independent allows us to offer a wide range of product choices and styles to ensure we recommend the most appropriate hearing aids for our clients’ requirements and preferences, at an affordable price.



    Sounds of Life is owned and operated by audiologists and we believe in being transparent to our clients.  Examples of the transparency is that we openly publish all our pricing on our website.  In addition, we quote our pricing in an unbundled manner, so clients can see exactly what services they are paying for when purchasing a hearing aid.  They can also use this to easily compare our value with other hearing aid providers.  Finally, at Sounds of Life, our referral sources do not have any financial interest in our business, so they have no incentive to refer to us.  They refer to us due to the high quality and value of our product and services.


    Why are hearing aids so expensive?

    It is true that hearing aids are expensive, but it is also true that many people unfortunately pay more than they need to for hearing aids.

    In addressing the first point, it is important to consider that hearing aids are medical devices and are not consumer devices.  In view of this, comparing the two is not a fair comparison for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, the standards relating to product quality and manufacturing processes required to produce and sell medical products is much higher than consumer devices.  Secondly, the sales volumes are generally much lower than for consumer products.  The main costs relating to hearing aids are the following:

    • Research and Development – the hearing aid industry is competitive with most manufacturers’ products having a product life-cycle of less than two years.  The top six manufacturers globally each spend annually tens of millions of dollars on research and development.
    • Manufacturing – as medical products hearing aids are manufactured to the highest standards.  Product reliability is paramount given that hearing aids are intended to be used all day, every day in a very challenging environment – the human ear.  Hearing aids are exposed to sweat, heat, wax and moisture but are still expected to perform reliably.
    • Clinical Service – in most cases when purchasing hearing aids you are not just purchasing the hearing aids themselves but also the clinical fitting and ongoing support.  Hearing aids need to be custom fitted to your ear and custom programmed to match your individual hearing loss and hearing needs.

    In addressing the second point, most hearing aid manufacturers offer a range of performance (or technology levels) within their hearing aid range.  In Australia you can get basic hearing aid technology from around $1000-$1500 each.  Given that hearing aids are expected to last over 5 years, the daily cost of such a hearing aid is less than a dollar a day.  Of course this is for entry-level technology and there are many more expensive models available ranging from $1500 to $6000.  However, it is important when purchasing hearing aids, particularly higher performance models, to understand their benefits to ensure you are paying for features and functionality that really benefits you, rather than for extra features you don’t need or will never use.  The other important thing is to shop around.  You should not just accept the first quote for hearing aids from a clinic.  You should get multiple quotes so you can compare pricing and the service included.


    About Sounds of Life

    Sounds of Life audiology is a member of Audiology Australia and Independent Audiologist Australia. We adhere strictly to Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.   We pride ourselves on:

    • Being fully independent – We are not owned or operated by a hearing aid manufacturer or large chain.
    • Ethical Practices – We are focused on providing the highest level of care and do not pay commissions.

    We also follow the Australian Government Hearing Services’ protocol for hearing services.


    If you feel hearing loss is impacting your life contact Sounds of Life.

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