2021 Hearing Aid Buying Guide – Download for FREE

2021 Hearing Aid Buying Guide – Download for FREE

The 2021 Hearing Aid Buying guide is a valuable resource for consumers who are considering purchasing hearing aids.  If you are considering getting your first set of hearing aids or perhaps upgrading your current hearing aids, this free guide will assist you in ensuring you get the most appropriate hearing aids for your individual needs and lifestyle without spending a fortune.  Download the guide below:


Although audiology is a highly specialised field, every day more and more Australians are seeking hearing services. This trend is set to continue with the relative prevalence of hearing loss increasing with Australia’s aging population.

As a result of a growing market it is not surprising that corporate chains, including manufacturers, have taken an interest in the Australian market.  In fact 90% of hearing clinics in Australia are either owned by a hearing aid manufacturer or part of a corporate chain which deals with only a limited number of hearing aid brands.

The implication of this for the consumer is that they may not be getting the best technology, as clinicians do not have access to all available technology.  In addition, these corporate entities are often set-up to provide incentives to push the more profitable product lines, blurring the line between care provider and sales person. In fact, in March 2017, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) released a report “Issues around the sale of hearing aids” to encourage the industry to reconsider commissions, disclosure and sales practices in the context of the Australian Consumer Law.

This guide was developed by a group of independent audiologists that are passionate about audiology and achieving great outcomes for clients. Central to our philosophy is that we believe that great outcomes are only achieved when the client can make educated decisions about their hearing health after considering their individual preferences, needs and values.

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