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At Sounds of Life we recognise the importance of good aftercare.  All our hearing aids come standard with our free-of-charge “Platinum after-care package”. The package includes:

    • 36-month product warranty
    • Free annual hearing screening and hearing aid adjustment for three years
    • Free ongoing hearing aid clean and checks
    • Free hearing aid trial prior to purchase


Why hearing aid aftercare should not be an after-thought 

If you are a hearing aid wearer, it is likely that your hearing aids are playing a significant role in your daily life helping you to communicate.  Like all things we rely on, it is not only important to look after them, but to be confident that if something does go wrong, you will be immediately supported.  Due to the often-permanent nature of hearing loss, wearers of hearing aids are likely to require them for the rest of their lives and they will become important partners in life.

Ongoing support and maintenance of hearing aids are important to ensure:hearing aid care

  • They are adjusted and fine-tuned to compensate for changes in hearing. Often hearing deteriorates over time due to natural ageing.
  • They are adjusted and fine-tuned to adapt to changes in needs or circumstances. Often changes to the hearing aids will be required due to changes in lifestyle (e.g. you may have started listening to more music and require a music program in your hearing aid) or health (e.g. you may have an ear infection and require temporarily a different style of ear mould)
  • They are working optimally and reliably. Hearing aids are sensitive electronic devices that operate in quite a hostile environment (ear canal).  They require regular cleaning/care and sometimes repair.

When purchasing hearing aids, it is important to understand from your audiologist what levels of aftercare service is provided and the cost of this aftercare.  Key things to consider:

(1) Hearing aid warranty

The first thing to find out is the manufacturer’s warranty on the hearing aid itself.  At some point of time your hearing aids will require repair and if your hearing aids are out of warranty the costs could be significant.  It goes without saying the longer the manufacturer’s warranty the better.

(2) Ongoing support and service

It important to find out what aftercare service is provided and the cost of the service.  Important aftercare services include hearing tests, hearing aid adjustments, clean/check of hearing aids and the provision of consumables (batteries, earmoulds and tips/domes).


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