facts about hearing aids


Five trending facts about modern hearing aids


are hearing aids invisible?(1) Are hearing aids virtually invisible.

Many new hearing aids sit comfortably and discreetly inside the ear canal, providing both natural sound quality and ease of use.  These days people are more likely to notice someone with hearing loss without hearing aids than someone wearing hearing aids.

Invisible hearing aids


hearing aid controls(2) They are automatic.

Modern hearing aids automatically adjust to different environments. Technological advances in hearing aid technology including noise reduction technology have made hearing aids more versatile than ever in a broad range of sound environments.

Automatic hearing aids



are hearing aids water resistant(3) They are water-resistant.

Many new hearing aids are water, humidity and dust resistant so wearers can enjoy active lifestyles in demanding environments.  There are even some waterproof models so swimmers do not need to take out their hearing aids when in water.

Water-resistant hearing aids


(4) They can connect to your high-tech gadgetshearing aids for mobile phones

Many hearing aids can wirelessly connect to mobile phones, MP3 players, home entertainment systems and other electronics.  This means audio (e.g. phone conversations) can be wirelessly streamed to the wearer’s hearing aids.

Wireless hearing aids


eCharger(5) They can be rechargeable

With rechargeable hearing aids there is no more fumbling with small batteries during weekly battery changes.  This convenient technology allows wearers to recharge their hearing aids every night, so they are ready in the morning.

Rechargeable hearing aids




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