Why two ears are better than one?


Two ears are better than one.  Hearing with two ears, or binaural hearing, has two main benefits: localising sound and improving sound quality.


headphones2(1) Localising sound – Binaural hearing helps us identify the direction or location of sound.  Sound travels in waves and based on their direction, they will hit one ear slightly ahead of the other ear, with a slight difference in loudness.  Our brain can combine these minute differences in time and loudness between the ears, to precisely locate the sound.

(2) Improved sound quality – Binaural hearing is also essential for environmental awareness and filtering out unwanted noises, for example, understanding speech in challenging listening situations where there is a lot of background noise (like parties and group conversations).


If you have bilateral hearing loss (hearing loss in both ears) your audiologist will often recommend a bilateral hearing aid fitting (hearing aids in both ears).  Fitting bilaterally ensures binaural hearing which enhances speech intelligibility (especially challenging situations where there is background noise), sound quality and localisation ability.


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