Sonic Innovations Celebrate 100 ITE/ ITC


Available for in-clinic fitting only.

*All pricing exclusive of consultation fees. At Sounds of Life, our consultation fees are quoted separately from our hearing aid prices. This transparent and unbundled hearing aid pricing approach means there are no hidden costs for you and you can be sure you are getting great value for money with our hearing aids.

Hearing Assessment | $125 Hearing Aid Fitting + Follow Up | $280 (Single) / $380 (Pair)

Sonic Innovations – Premium – Celebrate 100 ITE/ITC

About Sonic Innovations

Sonic Innovations is a US-based manufacturer of hearing care solutions that provide exceptional patient benefit, unparalleled service, and superior quality.  The company is a subsidiary of the William Demant Holding Group.

Performance Level

Premium (Celebrate 100)

Technological Features

[table type=”standard_minimal”]
[tcol]Number of Channels[/tcol]
[tcol]Speech variable processing*[/tcol]
[tcol]Microphone System[/tcol]
[tcol]Premium directional[/tcol]
[tcol]Noise Reduction/Speech Enhancement[/tcol]
[tcol]Premium [/tcol]
[tcol]Feedback Cancellation[/tcol]
[tcol]Bluetooth wireless[/tcol]
[tcol]Yes – with accessories[/tcol]
[tcol]Number of Listening Programs[/tcol]
[tcol]Auto Environment Adaptation[/tcol]
[tcol]16 environments[/tcol]

*Speech variable processing does not use traditional channels.  It is a fast-acting technology that measures and amplifies sound in a way that mimics the operation of the natural ear.


  • Battery: 312 or 13
  • Also available in the High-end (Celebrate 80) and Mid-range (Cheer 60) performance levels

Includes Platinum After-care Package:

Tick  36 month manufacturer’s warranty

Tick  Free 2 weeks hearing aid trial prior to purchase

Tick  Free annual hearing screening & hearing aid adjustment for 3 years

Tick  Free hearing aid clean and check