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Siemens (Signia) Click Domes – Pack of 6 (for receiver-in-canal hearing aids)



About Siemens

The Signia (formally known as Siemens) hearing aid brand is part of the Sivantos group and is one of the world’s leading hearing aid brands.  Its origins go back to 1878 and represents cutting-edge technology and innovation. Siemens epitomizes more than a century of experience, German engineering and premium quality.


Siemens/Signia (Connexx branded) click domes


[table type=”standard_minimal”]
[tcol]Domes per pack[/tcol]

[tcol]Siemens/Signia RIC (receiver-in-canal) hearing aids[/tcol]
[tcol]Open (4mm, 8 mm, 10 mm), closed (6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm), Double (8-10 mm, 10-12 mm), semi-open[/tcol]


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10 mm closed, 10 mm open, 4 mm open, 6 mm closed, 8 mm closed, 8 mm open, Double 10/12 mm, Double 8/10 mm, semi-open