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Audiology is a highly specialised field.  However, every day, more and more Australians are seeking hearing services.   This trend is set to continue with the relative prevalence of hearing loss increasing with Australia’s aging population.  It is therefore not surprising that more and more hearing aid providers are popping up.  You can now even see hearing aid providers in shopping centres spruiking free hearing tests to lure customers in.

So how do you ensure you are getting quality service and avoid paying too much for hearing aids?  There are three questions you should ask your prospective hearing care provider:



1/ Are you willing to provide a written quote outlining the specific hearing aid/service I will receive and can I have an obligation-free trial?

Ask for a quote specifically outlining the specific model (manufacturer, style and performance level) and the specific services being offered.  Do your research and if you are happy with the price, ask for a trial of the hearing aid(s) to get a chance to hear how if performs in real world environments (not just in the clinic).

There has been a disturbing trend recently with some large commercially-aggressive chains over-charging customers (relying on clients ‘limited hearing aid knowledge and their reluctance to shop around).  Fortunately more and more customers are requesting quotes and shopping around.  Unfortunately many of these aggressive businesses have responded by providing quotes that do not specifically identify the hearing aid quoted but rather use internal (proprietary) names such “gold-level or executive-level” hearing aids making comparisons difficult.


 2/ What are the qualifications and experience of the clinician seeing me? 

In Australia there are no regulations on who can sell and fit hearing aids.  Ensure you are being seen by a qualified clinician.  The vast majority of clinicians in Australia are either qualified as audiologists or audiometrists.   Audiologists have a Masters degree in Audiology.  Audiometrists have either a Certificate IV in Audiometric Assessment or a Diploma of Hearing Device Prescription and Evaluation.

Ensure you are seen by a qualified clinician with experience with a wide range of hearing aid brands.

Training and qualifications for audiologists


3/ What service and support will I get when I purchase the hearing aids?

Ensure you understand exactly what service package you are paying for and understand the warranty associated with the hearing aids you are purchasing.

There is more to getting hearing aids than a simple one-off fitting.  If deciding to purchase it is important to understand the extent and cost of ongoing support.  For example during your hearing aid wearing journey regular hearing tests should be carried out to monitor your hearing levels and to make adjustments to the hearing aids when required.  The hearing aid itself should have at least a three years manufacturer warranty.


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